The bolder approach to product development.

A hassle-free way to build and scale software products without the risks of hiring full-time employees. Because building and improving your product should be simple and affordable.


Our Services

Contract Software Engineer

We help teams that do not have or do not want to hire a software engineer on a permanent basis or already have an engineering team, but need additional resources.

Full Product Development

We help you select and work with an outsourced product team to deliver on key product initiatives efficiently and cost effectively.

Contract Product Manager

We are an extension of your team, helping you strategize, design, prototype, test and develop your product alongside your end user.

Eirik Somerville

Product Manager
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Bolder Road


We help startups create MORE

value for users by building LESS output and learning FASTER

Ian Ballantyne

Product Manager
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Resource Partners


Software Engineers


Product Managers



We created a network of affordable contract teams across Europe and the US with years of startup software experience.

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