Build your product in 10 days without code

Take the Bolder Road by building your product experience and testing it with users. Because your product is meant to be experienced and not just talked about.

After working with us you can

Share your product with potential users

Start gathering real user feedback before investing in an expensive product team

Show your investors a product vision

Demonstrate that you can deliver results with a fully interactive prototype

Gain momentum on your product-market fit

Don’t wait until you build a team before you start testing your product-market fit

Product Examples

SBT Alliance helps businesses, governments & healthcare facilities upgrade their energy controls & lighting.

Project Details:

  • Building management app design (15 screens)
  • Completed full stakeholder analysis (3 teams)
  • Created clickable prototype in ProtoPie (10 screens)
A wireless smart camera that uses AI to help law enforcement monitor traffic and track vehicles with computer vision

Project Details:

  • Desktop web app (8 screens)
  • Interviewed and tested 15 users
  • Complete market segmentation report

Imagine having your product
built in 10 days

How much product risk would you eliminate?

How much would you learn about users?

How much faster would you test your ideas?

“We reached product market fit and started getting 100+ inbound bookings per month.”

Jeff S
CEO & Founder
Online educational platform

“In two weeks we booked three client demos with our rapid prototype.”

Glenn B.
CEO & Founder
IOT security startup

What is prototyping?

Watch this 25 min talk on the power of prototyping by Tom Chi, former head of experience at Google X
*Tom Chi, Co-Founder of Google X at Mind The Product 2018

Companies using prototyping

The largest companies in the world value rapid prototyping to learn about their users, such as:
You Talk + We Workshop
We Build + You Test
We Build + We Test

Our Service Pricing


Design Workshop


What You Get:

  • Complete product experience flow(s)
  • Defined key user personas
  • Full workshop control
  • Invite up to 6 attendees
  • Ownership of all work and IP
Schedule Consult
Time Commitment: 4 - 8 hrs
Workshop with our team and have your product solution mapped out in 2-days


Build Prototype


What You Get:

  • Interactive prototype up to 10 screens
  • Completed user flows in Figma
  • Two 1hrs feedback sessions
  • Ownership of all work and IP
  • Plus everything in 2-day workshop
Schedule Consult
Time Commitment: 9 - 12 hrs
Have your product experience built in 10-days by our exert prototyping team


Build + Testing


What You Get:

  • Source and test up to 8 users
  • Up to 5-days of design changes
  • Three 1.5hrs strategy calls
  • Ownership of all work and IP
  • Plus everything in 10-day prototype
Schedule Consult
Time Commitment: 12 - 20 hrs
Have your product experience built and tested with target users in 20-days

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Our Process

The Team

Eirik Somerville

Product Strategist

Angela Zhang

Product Designer

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who we work with

Prototyping is not for everyone. We work best with clients who are:

Open-minded and curious

Proactive in thinking

Able to make work enjoyable

Comfortable being uncertain


Do you offer discounts on your service?

What happens in the 1-day workshop?

What happens during the 10-day prototyping process?

What tools do you use to make your prototypes?

How can you make a product without code?